SSF case options for high budget water cooled rig


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Dec 4, 2019
Hey folks, lurker and first time poster here.

I'm in the market to build my next PC. After having housed my last rig in an FT02 Fortress I've decided to give an SSF build a go. Additionally, I want to try my first custom water loop as well.

My goals are admittedly not easy, but I'm prepared with a hefty budget to try and reach them all the same. Accommodate full size GPU, custom loop cpu/GPU. And of course fit it all in a stylish minimalist ssf case.

Ideally, I want as small a case as I can for my needs. So what are my options that can meet my goals? I would've bought the Dan A4 without hesitation months ago but I've never seen them in stock.

With a custom loop on a cpu and full size GPU(2080 ti for example) should I strive to fit a traditional reservoir in the build? Is it truly viable to exclude one and work around it? What are the cons of not having one other than some pain with drain/flushing?

Finally, with an optimal designed case and appropriate hardware, are there any cases where you can run a high end enthusiast SSF rig on air without it sounding like a jet engine under load or the need to downclock/undervolt?