Closed SOLD [EU-GER] Ryzen 9 3900 65W CPU

Hey community,

I want to sell my Ryzen 9 3900 (non X) 65W CPU. I bought it here in the forum last December. It is still running in my System (under water), with PBO disabled and not overclocked.

Quote from the original seller:
Do not confuse this with a 3900x, these CPU's are 65w little monsters.
You can also just switch on PBO and have them act exactly as a 3900x with higher power limits etc.
I bought this in July this year, they come as hardware bundles and I was fortunate enough for the motherboard I actually wanted to be offered as a bundle with this specific CPU.
If you've ever tried to get one, you'll know exactly how hard these CPU's are to come by !!!

Review from hardwarecanucks:

If you are interested, please PM me =)