So I finally did it...


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Mar 12, 2017
After my first deliding process with my 7600k it didnt yield that much of a difference in temps before the delid. Though it could have been just been me being inexperienced with reseating the IHS properly, and getting a good amount of LMP around the die to make good contact with the heat sink, and probably many variables that go into play. Though I finally decided to say the heck with it and to go naked and have direct contact with heat sink using liquid metal pro. Doing this all over again had me sweating literally! Since when I removed the IHS to install LMP, It looked like some of the liquid spilled onto the PCB side with no open contacts, but thankfully I dodged that bullet. If fry anything here It would almost likely be months to have anything replaced, especially with monster hunter world around the corner that would be terrible thing. Though it seems in this never ending quest to have my S3 mini run a little cooler and quieter, doing the deliding and using LMP for the heat transfer its definitely starting to pay off! With 100% @ 1.05V load using prime95 for about 30 minutes, my 7600k maxed out to 83c which was a huge difference from the last time i did this, since it would get to around to 90c at the 25 minute mark. So im definitely happy about this, but I thought since my system does get hot because air is only being blown into the cpu making everything around it hot, id thought Id try to have the fan blow out instead of in. After doing the switch my PC dropped another impressive 10c maxing out at 73c @ 4.0GHz with voltage set at 1.05v. To me this was definitely impressive not only because of the half height cooler and the slim 120mm fan, but the overall size of the case with all the components. I can probably push it to 4.5GHz maybe at 1.10v if im lucky but I didnt really see the need too, unless monster hunter world proves otherwise ill probably do just fine as is. Definitely a sigh of relief every time I went over to turn on the PC to be only greeted by RGB lights on the motherboard telling me I haven't fried nothing yet lol #DELIDMASTERRACE

P.S. I had to dremel off some of the material on the delid guard to make space for the heat sink block to fit

i5 7600k @4.0 @1.05v
Gskill RGB 16gb ram @stock
Zotac 1080 mini @stock after this event I might try to replace the paste with LMP since I should still have plenty enough
WD black hybrid 1TB 8gb cache
Adata XPG 256GB m.2
HD plex 300w
Dell 300 power brick



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Jan 24, 2018
Looking good! Really clean application with the liquid metal. Stuff gives me the willies.. You are very brave.