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SilverStone has launched a new 92mm slim fan called the Air Slimmer 90. Coming in a 15.2mm thick, it offers optional ARGB lighting, and offers PWM support. SilverStone reports the RPM to be between 500 and 2,500, and the airflow at up to 45.73 CFM. The static pressure is rated fairly high at 2.29mm H2O, making this an interesting fan for 92mm radiator builds. The Air Slimmer 90 is claimed to have a noise level of 32 dBA at maximum speed.

All of these specs seem pretty good, especially the static pressure. For reference the Noctua NF-A9x14 puts out a static pressure of 1.64mm H2O, while the Scythe Kaze Flex is at 1.36mm H2O albeit both of them at substantially lower claimed sound levels. I've tried SilverStone slim fans in the past and found their tonal acoustics to be buzzy and harsh. It will be interesting to see how the Air Slimmer 90 (really?) performs.

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Jan 25, 2020
I bought a couple of these recently but 120mm. In the EU are kinda rare and hard to buy for a reasonable price tag.

Those 120mm are supposed to produce almost the same static pressure and airflow as a Noctua A12x25! Kinda impressive...

The feelings are good. My build has been air-cooled by a Big Shuriken 3 + Noctua A12x25 for a while. In regular circumstances (weather here is quite hot now), my CPU temps were 36-38ºC idle and 65ºC in games (R5 3600). After replacing the Noctua with the Air Slimmer the temps were not so different. Like 2-3ºC higher. However, the fan is not the only thing I replaced. I moved the build from a 14L (with TG side panels) to a 9.95L (with vented panels) so, not bad temps after all. I expected them to be higher, to be honest.

As for the noise, I can't tell yet. I have to solve first some issues with exhaust fans.

It's not written any place, but the rubber pads are not supposed to be removable. They are glued. However, they didn't cause compatibility issues.

As for the cable. Unsleeved black cables. The main is short and ended with a female connector, so you can daisy chain with very little cable management.

Materials are not so premium as Noctua fans. I think very little are that premium at both sight and touching, but in the line with other brands like Arctic.
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