Power Supply Shorten Sata cable? HDPLEX 160w


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Jun 7, 2018
Hi, I want to modify the cables for the HDPLEX so they are shorter, specifically the XH4P to Sata (x4) cable.


Are there any issues with me converting it to just 1 SATA? I was thinking of just cutting the wire between the XH4P and 1st SATA, cutting the wire between the 3rd and 4th SATA, and then soldering the ends together. SATA 1-3 are double wired in series. And the 4th SATA has only single wires going in.

With those wires and the other power connections, are there any issues with me shortening them by splicing, soldering, and double heat shrinking?

I've read other topics on regular psu's. I just wanted to check if the HDPLEX would be treated differently. Also, I don't have crimpers or atx pins to cut off the ends and install new headers.

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Jun 19, 2015
No issues at all with what you're suggesting, just make sure you keep the wires insulated and running to the correct pins :)
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