Concept SFX Build layout Idea for full HDD Support


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Jul 14, 2017
I' have not being able to find a suitable Small form factor Case for my specific Needs

So I was considering building my own, either from Aluminium or acrylic or both.
I will have to read up on the forums to glean some good info and ideas

The build i'm contemplating consist of:

Ryzen 5 1600
16GB Ram
Gigabyte ITX board
m.2 Drive
SSD Drive
3 x 3.5" Drives
GTX 1060

The system will be connected up a 43" TV at 1080P 60Hz for mild gaming, Media Playing and Workstation.

Its very rough, not to proper scale, but its one of the more compact options i have come up with to cram the hardware into a smaller space allowing for some airflow

Case size approx 280mm High, 120mm Wide, 280mm Long (in a traditional type style with non traditional internal Hdd in a Blade style mounting to reduce footprint)

The design layout would allow for;
Good Range of GFX Cards (max 2 cooling fans)
Small to Medium CPU Coolers
Possible slim Blueray/DVD Drive

The Reason is to fully utilize All the Internal Storage to allow for a true Media Station of large capacity while allowing moderate gaming and applications. (not having to rely on external HDD's and Streaming, thus being a tidy Build)

Good Range of Hardware Support
Excellent HDD support for large 3.5" Drives

Air Flow may be a concern due to HDD Blade style orientation so adequate Vents and Slits will need to be added
Will Not fit larger components GFX 272L x 113H. CPU Cooler 113H
Not suitable for heavy Overclocking

if the HDD orientation was more Platter Stacked add at least 20mm - 100mm to length and support Longer GFX Cards and better air flow
Alternatively a typical Stacked mount would add 20mm+ length and a whooping 50mm width but allow for full size CPU Air Coolers and Fans)
But this does kill the smaller case option and there are already suitable larger cases that accommodate this format.
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Jul 14, 2017
Inexperienced... lol

Try 0% experience in making or designing a PC case its purely concept at this stage for my personal needs.
Until I acquire the actual hardware and assemble it bare as in concept to positioning, it will be trial by error.
I have many Design Ideas and the way id like it to work. but at this stage its pure layout concept of components.

Thank you for the Link Necere this will help once actual Design starts past concept when Measurements become a reality
and no doubt ill need more insight as things progress.

(hates current placement of GFX additional power plugs - understands due to big fans and heat sinks but still hate it)