[SFFn] SilverStone's AR11 - Heatpipe Direct Contact Returns

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by confusis, Nov 7, 2018.

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    Heatpipe Direct Contact - buzzwords from a bygone era when heatsink technology hadn't quite reached the peak it is at now. However, there may still be performance to be gained from this technology - especially in smaller form factors where getting the heat to the cooling fins is of utmost priority - a heatsoaking solid baseplate may not be the best option.

    SilverStone has launched the Argon Series AR11 - a 47mm high heatsink with a blend of old and new technology. Let's see how it performs!

    Read more here.
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  2. Solo

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    Should've cloned the Gentle Typhoon blade array. Probably would have been a sick cooler.
  3. Nasp

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    Will admit that I skimmed the review, but did you try with a 25mm thick Noctua fan?
  4. confusis

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    @Nasp No I did not. Adding in a 25mm fan brings the height into the realms of much larger coolers - the NH-L9x65, and some 120mm slim fan coolers :)
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    Hey folks, some updates from @SilverStone - points that I missed and feel should be included;

    -I tested on a 54W CPU, (the highest wattage Intel chip I have to hand. Damn my i7-7700T's power friendliness!), so the results at higher wattages should be more pronounced
    -The NH-L9i will struggle a bit with 95W CPUs, unlike the AR11 which is rated for that wattage bracket
    -The C7 Cu is a heavier and more expensive cooler!

    Also to note;
    -Silverstone tested with the AR06's fan, and found the airflow insufficient at the 95W TDP level
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  6. SilverStone

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  7. Mortis Angelus

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    Thanks for the review, @confusis !

    It is odd that a company well indoctrinated to the cooling scene would put an airflow fan, not a static pressure fan, onto a cooler at all. I mean, it is a pretty simple rule, never to put airflow fans onto anything with air resistance. :/

    But basically, with a Noctua fan, you get 4 degrees better temps than with a regular noctua nh-l9i, but at the cost of being thicker? Right?
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  8. mantide

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    Does this fit in deskmini?
  9. annasoh323

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    The dimensions, # of heatpipes, and the rated TDP seem to indicate that this is targeted straight at the C7 (Cu? Also, I'm comparing it to the C7 because I have one). It seems to stack up favorably well enough such that it's justifiable as an alternative to new shoppers, if not quite a "buy it now and replace all your C7's!" option. It seems like a nice, no-nonsense kit. Would be interested to see additional testing as well.
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  10. Skinz

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    Lack of Am4 seems rather odd going into 2019. It is the key thing making me ignore it over a C7 or L9a.
  11. rawsh

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    Looks like at it's trading blows with the x65 with a 15mm fan. Maybe removing the original fan and adding a A9 PWM on is the way to go for those taller cases then, as the AR11 would still be smaller than the l9x65 at 57 mm.
  12. Thehack

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    At 57mm, it is real close to Big Shuriken 2 and Reeven Brontes. Those would be better.