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Jun 19, 2015
I'm relatively new to the world of modern mechanical keyboards. I note "modern" as I am well versed in the feel and use of early IBM, Amiga and Commodore keyboards of various types! I've been watching the modern keyboard market with interest though, with the various switch manufacturers offering various options depending on how you wish your board to feel, sound and look. Today I will be looking at one of the more recent offerings, Drevo's Tyrfing V2, a tenkey-less board with what on the surface seems to be a solid construction, and RGB "goodness".

Retailing on for US$59.99 plus shipping, and the same on their official webstore,, the Tyrfing V2 is one of the cheapest offerings in the RGB mechanical keyboard market, offering the various (brown, black, red, and blue) Outemu switches, apparently similar in feel to their Cherry MX competitors, after which the colour naming scheme was formed. When Drevo approached SFF Network to send us this review unit, I specified "Brown" switches as my preference - it's been what I've found to be the most comfortable as a typist after testing tens to hundreds of different keyboards in shops and at shows.

Let's put this keyboard to the test and write a few thousand words!

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Apr 20, 2018
I can recommend the switches they use. I had the blue keys and found them as good or better than my filco majestouch blue switches.

That's awesome. My Filco Magestouch 2 Came Tenkeyless is starting to have some weird quirks and I'm been casually looking to replace it. This board looks like a pretty good option.
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Aug 9, 2018
Hello, and thanks for the great review about the Tryfing 2.
I got mine few days ago and can confirm that all what you wrote is very true and I just love typing on it. However as you wrote the keyboard has a small issue about the" slight resonance when typing", personally this annoys me a bit and would like to solve somehow the this problem, so the keyboard will be really perfect.

Maybe attaching some kind of plastic/rubber material on the backplate would solve the resonating sounds, or make it less prominent?

What do you think? Does anybody tried to solve it?