SFF Vaping?

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    Hi vapers,

    Has anyone any thoughts on the smallest vaping device without losing functionality/performance?

    The reason for going SFF is because I want it to be incognito and easier to carry.

    The smallest VV/VW mod with replaceable 18650 that I can find (and am currently using), is the iStick Pico. But it still seems to have a lot of wasted space.

    I use an Innokin iClear 30S dual-coil tank that holds about 3ml. I don't think it can get any smaller really. Its mouth piece is quite big though. Has anyone got a mouth piece recommendation?

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    I don't know the first thing about vaping, but I would argue that using straight tanks like the one you have is absolutely the best option, as opposed to those super-large square tanks. Never seen such a short one before either, that's pretty sweet.
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    I have a Pax2, it's brilliant and works perfectly. It's discrete and gets the job done! I think the Pax3 has some minor improvements however!
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    Can't find any pictures of someone holding the small one, but it's about as large as a USB drive. Pretty damn neat. And even the large version looks pretty nifty.

    I like the look of the Pax as well, those fully integrated systems look a lot better than the screw-it-together-yourself kind of deals that I most often see.
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    From what I understand the downside of the Juul (and other all-in-one systems) is the part where you have to buy the capsules as a non-refillable, consumable item (think Nespresso coffee capsules or the like). That being said I've also heard their super easy to crack open and refill yourself w/ whatever you want (in the case of the Juul) so YMMV I suppose.
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    You could make one... or look into 16650 or smaller batter sizes. The main constriction to SFF vaping is that you cant make it smaller than the battery. Finding a decent battery at a smaller size and DIYing one with a protection circuit and some milled parts would be a neat way of making your own SFF vape. Also there are low profile drip tanks if thats your thing.
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    Bottom of the page:

    That meme.
    I like the tech, even though I'm not seeing the benefit of vaping. Maybe if I could somehow become healthier, it'd make sense to me.
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    this is mine :) custom wrapped osub plus
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    I personally suggest you get Wismec RX Mini – 80W – 2100 mAh Battery. It is the best stealth vape I tried. The size is 81.7mm X 42mm X 58mm. I love that I can use it for any vape juice flavor that I like.
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    OP probably got his vape already but for all others i can suggest the Aspire NX75 Mod (the CNCed models are better in build quality but also heavier), as a atty for mouth to lung i got the DoggyStyle 2k16 if youre a lung vaper take a look at the MoonShot RTA (you will be carrying a bottle with you for that one)

    Edit: i would like to add a option for a mod, i never used it but some friends did and they liked it
    its called JacVapour series-b dna 75w
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    Hi guys I dont know whether this is the ideal place to ask yet I essentially expected to ask regarding whether it is possible to smoke marijuana strain through a vaporizer? I never tried using a vaporizer yet im needing to get one. Do you guys have any beginners advice to tell me? Much thanks!!

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    I use a pulse bf now with a pulse 24 rda
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    I have had success with using some of the Vapeur Extract products & a gram of wax / shatter / whatever...

    Pro Tip - the smaller the tank the better...