[SFF Network] Not From Concentrate: An interview with Josh Sniffen of NFC Systems

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    Josh Sniffen is the owner of NFC systems, a SFF design firm founded in 2009. With a lineage of products and designs including the NFC ArK and the S Series, Josh has a wealth of experience and knowledge, both as a system building enthusiast and modder, and as a vendor of ultra-portable SFF chassis and systems. Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to speak to Josh about his prior work, as well as his newest creation, the S4 Mini. Josh is set to demonstrate the chassis this Friday, while participating at PDXLAN 26.

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    Very nice interview. I just got around to seeing the NFC build on Saphires channel and I drooled over that build. I was inspired by Josh but unfortunately, it didn't last long. Super excited to see photos of the system you show at PDX! My socks are ready to be blown off! If the price isn't too bad, I'll probably pick up a S4 when it gets released.

    Edit: I also remember elbowing my sister and cousin in Mario kart 64. Great times they were
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    Thank you so much for the interview. The site is beautiful and I am happy to be around people who share my love for SFF systems!

    Thanks MJVR1 for the kind words!
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    Great interview! Josh, your really are a pioneer in custom-made uSFF systems (You started in 2009! o_O) and I hope the S4 will be a success!
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    Interesting read and fantastic photos too ! I wish you the best of luck with the S4 Mini !
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    Good luck Josh. I know that the S3 didn't go so well for you. Hope this one turns out better.