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SFF.Network [SFF Network] MSI shows off their 30th anniversary edition board, the B150M GAMING 3X

MSI is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and decided to mark the occasion with a special edition microATX motherboard, the B150M Gaming 3X. Ryan Shrout from PC Perspective is at the MSI booth checking out their boards and spotted this. It comes in a very, uh, interesting color scheme, with a golden PCB and red accents. MSI says this "represents fortune and bliss in traditional Chinese culture". In the video it seems like the PCB has a bit of texture to it and it probably looks better in person than it does on camera, but I suspect this will still have very limited appeal in windowed builds.

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Virtual Realist
Gold Supporter
May 11, 2015
If it had an unadorned grid-of-pins chipset heatsink instead of the stupid badge thing it would have a rather nice barebones industrial/nostalgic look. Electronic Brutalism.


Lord of the Boards
SFFn Staff
Gold Supporter
May 9, 2015
One of the more iconic boards I had was tone of the various Asus A7V boards, with one of the first (single) SATA ports on a consumer board, through a Silicon Image controller. It was a copper brown PCB like this:

(different board)

Picture this with all beige slots and sockets, like the 20-pin ATX connector and you'd have an excellent home for all those Noctua fans :D