SFF.Network [SFF Network] Corsair Bulldog case and SF600 PSU updates

Logan from Tek Syndicate is at the Corsair suite at CES and there have been a few tweaks and improvements to the Bulldog chassis since the last time we saw it. The aesthetic has been toned down with a piano black finish in place of the black with bright red accents of the original prototype. It's a "little bit smaller" by "a few millimeters in each direction". That would mean it's still pretty big for an ITX case though. The cooling has been tweaked but I couldn't really discern the changes from the video alone. There's also a few other miscellaneous improvements.

More exciting though is the status update on the SF600 power supply by Paul from Paul's Hardware (starts at 3:28). The SF600 is Corsair's first foray into SFF power supplies and it is a Gold-rated, fully-modular SFX power supply that manages to fit a semi-passive 92mm fan for hopefully quiet cooling.

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Feb 22, 2015
TechPowerUp hilariously got the main selling point of this wrong and said it only has a "tiny 80 mm fan" :p

But a commenter linked to a thread on JonnyGuru.com where Mr. JonnyGuru himself confirmed that the OEM is Great Wall.

Also, Tom's Hardware has a post about this unit with some additional information. MSRP will be $90 for the 450W and $120 for the 600W and they will come with 7-year warranties.