[SFF Network] AeroCool's Dream Box - Wait... What??

Discussion in 'News' started by PlayfulPhoenix, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Read more here.
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  2. Gadgety

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    Love it. Agree with your #1 improvement point, the need for proper corner pieces to enable cube builds. Perhaps the old lego solution would be useful where you could just order the pieces you need and skip set kits. Even so, most interesting.
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  3. EdZ

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    What are the dimensions of the 'slots' in the extrusions? While less elegant than the included pieces with curved plastic mouldings, if they slots are a standard width and of sufficient depth you could use existing linking fixings (brackets, angles, plates, T-nuts, etc) intended for regular rectangular extrusions.
  4. Ceros_X

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    I think some sort of standardized interlocking panels would be cool, to do the outside of a 'case'
  5. Phuncz

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    I was very enthusiastic about this kit before, but the size of the tubing was a serious negative for me. For SFF it's quite limiting this way. Still interesting as a Lego kit case.
  6. confusis

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    8mm*2mm, with the opening being 5.5mm or thereabouts.
  7. EdZ

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    All the 5.5mm/5.6mm slot profile I can find (mainly from Flexlink) uses 9mm wide relief, so fixings designed for that probably will not fit.