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Feb 12, 2021

I am new to this community and have a somewhat specific question i was hoping to get some feedback on.

I am planned to build a small fleet of beefy "media" computers, that i will primarily be using for art installations, theater scenography, VR and such.

Things i need them to be able to do:

1. They will have to be able to output min. four video out and most of the time they will be outputting real-time renders, so a real beefy gpu is a must.

2. Good build quality/ rugged (I will probably be renting them out also).

3. They will need to be discreet in looks.

4. Hopefully brickless.

5. Should be able to handle some DIY mounting hooks i want to make so they can be hanged from the ceiling.

Do you have any recommendations for me?
I have been looking at the Skyreach mini for some time, and i think they would suit me very well because of the vents and the fact that the side panels is curved around and mounted on the side (i am thinking it might give some strength if i am to mount hooks in the side panel and the screws is at a 90 degree angle from the panel to the frame). Only thing i am worried about the making it brickless with a good enough gpu. Also they dont ship to Denmark at the moment.

P.S I don't mind another layout than the console it just need to have panels that can handle DIY hooks.

P.P.S Been looking at the SFF Master list but it takes a long time. :)