CPU Searching for a good thermal solution regarding Phanteks Evolve Shift


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Jul 2, 2019
Yo guys and gals,

I recently started looking at cases again and I saw this phanteks Evolv Shift case:

I really liked its appeal and I was wondering how toasty it would get when I decided to stuff my i7 9700k in there...
Because even right now I get 41 degrees Celsius (105 F) with my 645LT (DanCase)

If per chance I were to get the Phanteks case- what kind of cooling solution I should get for my 9700k? My GPU is a SFF 1070, might upgrade to something bigger later on (was waiting for Big Navi cards)

These are the specs from Phantek's website:



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Aug 1, 2020
That case would have been the one for me were it not for the fact that they're impossible to get at the moment. I was planning on the Evolv Shift Air, though, not the standard Shift. I think the case is set up for problems with the glass sides, because you can only mount 120mm water cooling if you water cool both your GPU and CPU that way, and those are never world-beaters. Most of the reviews I read scored it poorly.

With the Air version of the case, at least air cooling is possible: three fans, access to air for your GPU and CPU because of the fabric side panels. If they come back in stock before the August 15th release date, I may still cancel my Amazon order of the NR200 and buy one.

I think, if you want to do water cooling of the CPU and air cooling of the GPU, you could easily get away with the glass sided shift with the GPU panel replaced with fabric.

YMMV. Neat case, tiny desktop footprint. Like I said, I may still buy one, but if I do it'll be the Air version.
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