Memory Searching for a 64gb kit SODIMM in quad channel


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Aug 18, 2016
So I'm searching for a kit with 4 sticks of 16gb(2400-2600mhz and up) for a asrock x299e-itx.Ive found a few models but for some reason, I cant seem to see if 64gb sodimm kits exist with the option for quad channel..

For example gskill has this one

But it says that is dual channel while its 32gb variants are in quad channel and I am scratching my head???

Found this from Corsair

But,typically for them, they don't state if its quad or dual channel memory and cant find any info.

Crucial doesn't have anything and the kingstone kits I look at don't display that info either.

So if we are talking sodimm, is quad channel only for the 32gb kits or I just haven't searched enough?



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Nov 18, 2017
These are quad channel kits.

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Jul 7, 2017
This article from Fuzzilla lists a G.Skill Quad Channel 16GBx4 DDR4-3466 CL17 SO-DIMM kit, to be used with those mini-ITX X299 motherboards.
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