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    I decided I wanted to build an APU PC that could sit beside my Nintendo Switch and be used mainly as a console (steam machine). For this build budget was everything and the only item that I could not get away with cheaply was the itx case as I wanted small and well you have to pay for that.
    Below is the build list.

    InWin Chopin itx case
    MSI b450 gaming itx motherboard
    Ryzen 3 2200g
    Patriot burst 480gb SSD
    TForce Vulcan DDR4 [email protected]

    I wanted to do some custom work so I bought the cheapest paint markers I could find

    GUNDAM MARKERS (they worked really well and whole pack cost less than one Posca Marker)

    Grand total: 48,200¥ (450$) including paint markers and some clear coat varnish.

    Would have been cheaper had I gone with an atx case and board but I wanted small. Also had no idea that new Ryzen APUs are coming in spring lol so will eventually by upgraded again. Maybe one day it will eventually be VR capable.

    I will post back with the overclock results soon. The stock cooler not so good but I will focus on DDR4 speeds and iGPU only maybe even turn off the turbo boost on CPU for more thermal overhead.


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    Love the Ryzen art you did there!
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    So far overclock ING has been a mixed bag. This CPU has so much overclock potential but the Chopin case coupled with the stock cooler is holding me back. The only thing I can think of is doing a delid but that would cost around another 6000 in parts. So for now will keep tooling away.

    What I am at
    CPU at 3.7ghz undervolted to 1.3v (no boost mode)
    IGPU at 1525mhz 1.18v (wanted 1600mhz)
    Ram at 3200mhz 1.3v cas 16

    I found out that prime95 is oven mode and switched to cinebench because the heat was way to unrealistic. Still temps are above my liking running around 70-76c under load. Prime95 was making 85c lol. Thermal limit of the CPU is 95c before it throttles and a few more degrees and shutdown.

    Once I get a stable clock to my liking temp wise I will post up some benchmarks gameplay fps numbers.
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    Highball and coke.... interesting... I do like my whiskey and coke down under, maybe I'll try a good pilsner and coke, who knows..

    Hot damn you have good prices on hardware there in Japan.
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    Still having issues getting a good stable OC but have made some progress. I had to tone down the CPU a bit to help thermals and as the system is bottlenecked at the iGPU CPU clocks do not matter as much. So now I am in the high 60s low 70s temperature wise and stable.

    Wierdest problem I had was when overclocking to failure to get the ram dailed after hard reboots from crashes my Bluetooth would die completely and require a system recovery to get back. Must have been corrupted somehow.

    Also prices here in Japan are not that great. Amazon is the best option but we do not have as many choices as say America has when it comes to building. Sure you can find all the parts at Yodabashi but they overprice stuff by like 10%.

    Hard at work