RX6800XT Reference + NCASE M1 + Deshroud + 2x A12x25


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Apr 20, 2018
Just a small post on the 6800XT/6900XT Reference - Deshroud is possible and totally worth it in the M1.

  1. Unplug Fan + RGB Cable
  2. Remove Backplate with PH1 Screwdriver
  3. Remove X-Bracket with PH0
  4. Remove Baseplate + PCI Bracket Screws with PH1
  5. Remove the PCB from Cooler Assembly, DO NOT remove the Thermal Pads, leave it upside down on your Table
  6. Unscrew all 4 Screws holding the Shroud to the Baseplate (PH2 Screwdriver)
  7. Keep Shroud in Place for reassembly, the Vapor chamer will rest on the Fans making reassembly much easier
  8. Place PCB back on the cooler
  9. Reattach all Baseplate Screws first
  10. Reattach the Backplate + PCI Bracket screws
  11. Reattach the Vapor Chamber using the X-Bracket (This has to be done last to assure proper contact)
  12. Remove Shroud

I Added two small PVC L-Brackets to guide Airflow, this has to be done after placing the Card and Fans inside the case.

Due to the Nature of the reference fan control (Temperature Target) and good stock fans temperatures of the GPU will not decrease, however due to having Fans as exhaust and higher quality bearings on A12x25 noise will decrease significantly as will Case and backside SSD temps.

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Aug 15, 2017
@der_brennesel Thanks for sharing this, was very helpful, especially the screwdriver sizes. One small suggestion would be to list the number of screws for each of the items, just as an additional check.

And I was wondering what your experiences have been with some longer term use? And did you try fans as intake vs exhaust as well?