Ridiculous AGESA/BIOS-related iGPU woes on Cezanne (5600G)


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Feb 17, 2021
Anyone picked up a 5600G/5700G yet can chime in/help a brother out?

Picked up a 5600G today, swapped out the 4650G and spent most of the day in pure frustration. The release BIOS (F13) for the B550I Aorus AX has absolutely abominable Vega 7 performance, can't tell why. Changed and reflashed, no difference. Lags at beginning of Valley, FPS drops like a stone every few seconds so Valley results suck (lows are TERRIBLE) compared to 4650G Vega 7 at the same 2275/2100MHz.

I've spent hours and hours testing this crap. Windows has been clean installed, drivers DDU'd and reinstalled multiple times between Radeon 21.6.1 (worked like a charm on 4650G Vega 7, provided perf uplift combined with 21H1) and Radeon 21.7, chipset drivers installed. None of those things make any difference.

The previous available BIOS is F12, which is and woefully outdated - Gigabyte loves to put up beta BIOSes then pull them soon after. Had to dig into interwebs to find F13k beta as well as F13l.
  • F13k: I think, I've been using since forever, RAM and iGPU perf is good. Issue is that it's an older BIOS so no official support for Ryzen 5000 APUs. Strangely enough iGPU must be OC'd on F13k, the BIOS seems clueless as to how to handle VDDCR_GFX at stock speed so 3D load=instant reboot.
  • F13l: beta BIOS, the layout and features seem identical to release BIOS, just with more stable IF and iGPU isn't possessed, but not publicly available anymore
  • F13: release BIOS out since July, literally cursed beyond belief
Not thrilled so far with the BIOS bullshit, nor with the fact iGPU and IF are still hitting the same walls as 4650G. Was hoping for better daily iGPU/IF settings for iGPU use. On the bright side I haven't messed with the cores side so maybe CPU part will overclock well?? If not I'm seriously debating sending this back and maybe trying a 5700G

Been running F13l, up to 2325MHz iGPU stable at 1.2V VDDCR_GFX and VSOC. Up 50MHz from 4650G. Can do more on both iGPU and IF, but limited by the insane SOC rail droop on this board
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