Rewired an 'RGEEK 450W' to pair with 300W GaN 12V brick


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Oct 1, 2020
First of all, The RGEEK '450W' is definitely a sketchy product. (It comes with two 2.5mm barrel jacks as input which can only be rated for about 10A each, and no good 12V brick would use a 2.5mm barrel anyway)

However, I have so far found from my testing that these units (I have tested two) actually hold up great under about 300W continuous loads, I haven't tested any hardware higher than that.

So I finally rewired one to work with a legit GaN 288W brick from CUI for my system.

What I am 'testing' besides benchmark is the GPU Core Voltage IN, and the motherboard VR VIN measured from HWINFO averaging above 11.6V under load in both cases. Should I be testing anything else? The heatsinks on the unit don't get too hot about 60C max (measured with cheap infrared gun).

My system has a GTX 1080 undervolted to about %80 TDP (1809MHz @ 875mV, about 145W) and a Ryzen 5600G.

Under full load (Heaven and Prime95) it draws 270W max from the wall. Thats about 245 Watts DC when considering 90% power factor of this GaN adapter.

Please let me know if this is a bad idea so I can stop wasting my time with it.. :D

I would love it if there was a reputable product for this use case, I've been using HDPLEX 200W but its just shy of the wattage I need..
My case doesn't have any room for a separately mounted PCB unit.
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Jun 19, 2015
Bad idea? Probably - although you did remove the weakest link from that RGEEK DC-DC so there's that. Learning experience? Most definitely!

You're well aware of the risks and have tested the limits that you are comfortable with so all is well.

Gorgeous little build too :)