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I need some space for new projects and have a few B-Stock Cases / Prototypes for Sale

All items come with cosmetic flaws but are good to build in. No warranty and no returns accepted. Shipping worldwide via UPS Express from Hong Kong (currently between EUR 40,- to 60,- to major countries - depending on the size)

1) RCC-SMALL1 Silver Edition (4L Case, supports internal Meanwell RPS-200 and LP Dual Slot GPU)

B-Stock Case in Silver, Black 12mm Power Button, Black GPU Bracket, PCIe Riser Card, no PSU included: EUR 55,- plus shipping

2) RCC-MID1 SFF ITX Windtunnel Case, designed for 2x Silverstone AP 180mm fans (fans not included)

B-Stock Case in Black, 16mm Power Button, case feet: EUR 40,- plus shipping

3) RCC-BIG2-18.8L Prototype, Case/Open Bench Hybrid with 280mm AIO support (also fits 154mm tall air coolers)

B-Stock / Prototype, black 12mm power button, HiFi feet: EUR 65,-

4) RCC-NUC1, case only, no PSU, no Riser
although this was designed to add a GPU to your NUC, it could probably also be used to build an tiny ITX DIY eGPU with internal MEANWELL RPS-400-12-C
Price: EUR 40,- plus shipping

I also still have a few of my other cases (BIG1, MID2, DSX1, etc.) with quality issues - if something catches your eye and you don't mind some flaws just let me know and I'll add it here for a fair price. :)

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Aug 29, 2017
What's that case on the far left in the back with the large round holes?


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Apr 2, 2020
Exactly, that's the 17.5L version of the BIG2

I still have one - also with a few flaws from various test builds. Asking for EUR 60,- plus shipping.