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Discussion in 'SFFn Recommends' started by confusis, Nov 26, 2017.

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    We want to know what you, our readers, want help deciding on. Suggest a Recommends post down below and we'll get on to it :)

    Note: This doesn't mean we'll suggest a product for your very specific use case, the idea is to provide general information to cover various common situations!
  2. HeroXLazer

    HeroXLazer King of Cable Management

    You have the coolers one, but most of them can only support 65W, so can there be a 95W section?
  3. schmink13

    schmink13 What's an ITX?

    How about one for case fans under 120mm? Especially 90 and below. I know fans at that small of size are typically loud and don't move a lot of air, but there has got to be a few that really stand out from the rest.
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  4. Windfall

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    Micro Laptops (UMPC) Like the GPD win, and other micro computers like Compute stick, the SDD sized computer zotac had at computex, etc.
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  5. el01

    el01 King of Cable Management

    Laptops (ThinkPads specifically?). Not all people can afford a desktop and a laptop for school ;).
    Random stuff SFF Forum staff use? (cars? bicycles? keyboards? subway stations?)
  6. Windfall

    Windfall King of Cable Management

    Favorite subway sandwich configuration? ;)
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  7. el01

    el01 King of Cable Management

    Favorite CHIPSets?

    Seriously though, it would be cool to recommend a laptop or two...
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