Replacing vertical DDR4 DIMM-slots for horizontal ones


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Jul 28, 2019
I'm carefully planing a very slim full ATX 1U build, with CHT (Cappilar Heat Transfer Pipes) or very custom water loop and rotary vane pump.
Custom cold + distribution plates for CPU and GPU save dozens of millimeters from the chassis height for bigger and more efficient radiator

But that RAM mountains are messing with me, I almost hate them.

Can I replace vertical DIMM slots with some of these without any issues on mATX/ATX motherboard?
1. 25 degrees angled
2. Horizontal or double stack options not found for DDR4.
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Tweezer Squeezer
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Nov 24, 2017
it looks like the angled slots would need wider spacing on the motherboard than the traditional spacing of vertical slots. there are also extra through-hole mounting points with the angled dimms and those aren't present on motherboards not designed for them.


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Oct 4, 2020
Any updates here? I am thinking about a similar build, and am running into the same problem... Were you able to solve this?