Replacement barrel connector to 6pin adapter?


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Mar 17, 2018
Hi there, I'm pretty sure I somehow damaged my case-mounted barrel connector to 6pin and as far as I can tell these are impossible to purchase from anyone. Neither HDPLEX nor KMPKT sell this part individually, and I can't find any generic options on ebay. Is it possible to get one of these without DIYing it or buying another PSU entirely?


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Feb 7, 2018
bump to this ^ kinda

Except I'd like to DIY my own 6 pin to DC barrel cable.
Just don't know where to get a female (panel mountable preferred) 7.4x5 DIY barrel.
Also don't know how to wire it to the 6 pin while I'm at it
The mini fit jr side of the connector I'm fine with
I just don't know anything about the barrel side of the cable