Prototype RCC-SMALL2 | minimalistic 6L ITX console / slim tower case with NH-L12S support


Shrink Ray Wielder
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Apr 2, 2020
That came out real nice. When do you anticipate it will be available for sale?

Given the limited interest in this case and the current poor availability of ITX sized GPUs I am not sure if it makes sense to produce a first batch at this moment. Maybe I'll put it on my website for pre-order and start to build the cases once I got something like 5 to 10 orders.

However, I made two samples... As promised, I can send you one of those. If you are interested, just send me a PM and we can discuss the details. :)
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Jun 9, 2020

Hey all, thought I'd share the water-cooled APU config here. Revoccases was nice enough to sell me one of the Small2 prototypes and the case has been really cool to build in. I don't have any viable itx cards to try out (managed to fry my 1660S like a dumbass) but thought I'd give this a chance and it's been really great so far. I'm using a 4750G and Ek 120 RGB with an NF P12 Chromax and the temps are outstanding, idling around 30C and maxing out in the low 60s under synthetic load. Coming from a k17, the performance differences are night and day.

As I had mentioned in thread previously, the one thing I would like to see from the case is the ability to fit a 27mm rad with a 15mm fan under a 2 slot itx card, I think cases with true water cooling support are very lacking and the layout in the SMALL2 is very impressive and could offer something truly unique. The case is great and the extant air-cooled layout should perform more than adequately. Happy to answer any questions, I know this is a pretty limited commentary.