Log Rapid temp fluctuations in water cooled Asus RTX3090-24G-EK

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Cable Smoosher
Original poster
Nov 12, 2017
So here is a video that shows what's happening. Basically, as soon as the load is applies the cards temps jump from 49c to 65c, in a few seconds. Load removed, same thing in reverse. I "think" this also happened when this card was installed in my previous loop with a full EKWB pump reservoir and flex tubing (same case/rad layout) . Is this normal, or is the card not distributing the heat correctly? Seems like the loop temps are still about 50c, but the card is reading much higher. I have temp sensors at the exhaust side of the radiators. All show about 50c. (-1:30 in video)


Would appreciate and observations on normal temperature swings when load is applied and removed.