Random request, can anyone help?


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May 11, 2019
Hey there everyone, hope you're all good!

I'm super excited to get my new build up and running. It's going to be a full #TeamRed build. Actually, it's my first build in 15 years... So I'm pretty excited. 3900X & RX 5700 XT ?

So I have a totally random request and I wondered if any of you amazing people could help me out at all...

Do you happen to have an empty AMD branded Radeon RX 5700 XT box/product packaging that you guys could possibly send to me at all, down here in sunny Australia?

I'm a bit of a collector of cool and obscure product packaging and boxes (totally random I know! Lol) and I really love the AMD branded boxes but can't seem to find one anywhere in Australia ☹

I'm not asking for a free GPU or anything crazy like that, but if any one of you guys could muster up just the AMD branded 5700 XT retail box for me (maybe you've just installed your GPU and were thinking of throwing the box out?), I'd be eternally grateful and an extremely happy nerd! ??

Anyways, thanks for your time and hopefully someone can let me know.

Also, I'd be happy to cover the shipping costs, if it's not going to be a fortune ?


Daz ?