Amazon R5 2600 149.99


Cable-Tie Ninja
Dec 9, 2018
Great price, I am going to get a 2700X I think, to upgrade from a 1600. I have a 470 MB ready MSI GAming Plus (ATX!). The 1600 will get reused in a SFF- and they retail in the UK at about the same as you are paying for the 2600 which is about £20 more expensive. I'm waiting for Black Friday/Monday just to see if something mad happens with the 3700X, can't see it myself and the budget will hurt if I pay the £300 going rate versus £170 for the 2700X. I'm not a massive gamer so it is more about cores/productivity for me and as I see it I get about an extra 12% for an extra 40% cash- I do also lose an extra 40% saving on power consumpption though. Was mildly tempted by the 3600X and upgrade later but I think I am solid on the 2700X/32 DDR but a bit faster, and 1TB M.2 plus 8GB HDD in RAID, gets me in around £500.