Quick Check for my A4 Intel/Nvidia Build :-)


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Oct 7, 2020
Hi all,

awesome to be here. A colleague suggested I should get back into building when I told him I wanted to get a new eGPU for my NUC ;-) I've since planned and ordered parts for a build that I'd like a quick sanity check on. The RTX 2070 Super in this build will be replaced with a compatible 3080 once I get one, probably some EVGA XC3 looking at the list. From my research the SF600 PSU should be okay.


Would be awesome to get some input from the knowledgeable folks around here.

Thank you! :)


Trash Compacter
May 3, 2019
I only have the 600 gold, but am switching to the 750 plat psu, as I think that while working, 600W psu is the loudest thing in the system.
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