Question to MC600 owners


Case Bender
Original poster
Mar 27, 2019
There's no reason why I can't mount standoffs onto the front faceplate to extend the depth of the case right?

I'm thinking of offsetting the faceplate by 2cm to accommodate a HDPlex 400w ACDC unit using the dimensions found the spec sheet and in doing so, I can mount a fan or two as intake on the opposite side (will also have to reverse the power switch and usb front IO to the GPU side as well).

Here is the proposed layout of components:

The plan is to remove the GPU shroud and fan and drill ventilation holes for two fans to be mounted to the bottom tray and also drill ventilation holes for the CPU cooler. The DC-ATX unit should just barely clear the GPU's PCB this way but we'll see.

I haven't quite decided how to cover the 2cm gap yet but it'll probably be something like mesh or something else aesthetically pleasing.

If this doesn't work then I'll look into fabricating a vertical stand of sorts that also houses the ACDC unit within underneath the DC-ATX board.

Anyone with experience building in the MC600 have any input on this?