Cooling Question on AIO performance in Sandwich Layouts


Cable Smoosher
Original poster
Dec 29, 2020

I've recently acquired this case: ZZAW B2 Plus (link below), the layout is fairly similar with other sandwich style cases like the Louqe Ghost S1, or FormD T1, this means a 240mm AIO mounted at the top exhausting air out. I'm currently at odds whether I should use an AIO or just stick with air cooling on the build. I understand that under normal case layouts, any reputable 240mm AIO would easily demolish low profile air coolers, but what about in a sandwich case layouts where the GPU will be generating a lot of hot air at the opposite side of the CPU? I looked at some videos and an RTX 2070 Super can make the AIO 7C hotter than it supposed to be, and since I'm planning an RTX 3080 this means the temperature penalty can be higher. Thanks for any input.

ZZAW B2 Plus (link is in Chinese)

BTW, I don't speak Chinese, I just used the google translate app.