Question about GPU Waterblocks for Ncase M1 V6.1


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Jun 15, 2020
What water-blocked 3000 or 6000 series cards will actually fit in an NCASE M1v6.1?
Hey Guys. I've been working toward building a custom loop in the Ncase M1 since Optimum Tech sold me the dream early 2020. At this point but it seems I've backed myself into a corner with the part selections, in particular GPU selection.

Assumptions were made about the sizing of some of the newer gen cards [3080/90 & 6800XT] before I bought the Ncase. That is, thinking the size of the cards didn't matter too much because I'd just slap on a water block and away we go. Only in the last week did I actually realise that I'm actually much more limited in terms of GPU selection than I'd originally thought.

Every watercooled build I've seen thus far has used an EK cooled founders edition 3080/90 but good luck getting a founders edition card at this point. As far as I know the following cards will fit [with the appropriate EK water block]. These are now not based off assumptions but the dimensions listed on EK and whatever is listed on the actual cards.

-Founders Edition 3080/90
-[EVGA] XC3 3080/90
-[ZOTAC] Trinity 3080/90
-6800XT Reference Card

I've got a system up and running using an RX580 as a placeholder, literally all the other custom loop parts on order [yes, I got a bit excited]. So at this point it would seem I'm looking for a needle in a hay stack to try get either an EVGA or ZOTAC specifically. Which makes card hunting soooo much harder right now.

-Has anybody done a non founders edition 3080/90 custom loop in an Ncase yet?
-Do you know of any other water blocks/cards will fit?

Thanks for your time.


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Jul 31, 2019
There is a guy in the ncase gpu compatibility thread that has made a loop with a 3090 tuf gaming and a byksi block + an special piece on the side of the block so it fits. go to that thread and ask there, way better than doing your own thread.
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Jul 31, 2019
I complied a list of the water blocks that should fit

These are all 3080/3090, I haven't seen any AMD 6xxx cards/blocks that will fit

EK reference (220x124x20.5mm)
EK zotac (231x124x20.5mm)
EK xc3 (275x124x20.5mm)
bitspower founders (216x98.2x23.2)
watercool reference (230 x 119 x 21 mm)
I find the watercool one specially interesting because they have an option for an active cooled backplate, which I believe is very important for 3090 since they have all those memories on the back.