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Putting a HP elitedesk 800 g1 sff Psu into a g2 for extra 40w?


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May 21, 2020
Couple weeks ago I got myself a HP elitedesk 800 g2 ssf with i5-6500 16gb/256gb ssd/2tb HD for what I think was a pretty good deal ($180). I couldn't stand my prior Lenovo all in one with a g2020 & 4gb ram. Took 10 minutes to boot, and several seconds to switch between tabs! It's mostly been a seed box the last 5 years. The hp g2 came with a standard 200w PSU and the G1 came with a 240w PSU. As I understand it, the G1 used a 4th Gen CPU, which uses more power than 6th Gen CPU 's in the HP g2 version, which is why they started to use lower power PSUs. I've looked up the PSUs from g1 and the came in 3 flavors (standard, 90%, and 92% efficiency). I ordered a 92% 240w off the Bay for $15 in the hopes it will give me another 40w, allowing me to install a MSI GTX 1650 (which uses 75w pcie power). I've read where g1 (240w) and g2 (200w) users had no problem using their existing PSU and had no problems using a 1050ti/1650 without doing anything. I couldn't find anyone who ever swapped the 200w for the 240w, but I assume it should fit/work being that the ssf cases are the same and the PSU is by HP(exact same cables)? And that it would be superior for stability/longevity do to less stress on the PSU due to the higher wattage and efficiency. Should I just stick with a GT 1030 that uses 30w? I'll swap the PSU regardless, because my 200w stock one is the 'standard' and my newer one will be 240w 'Platinum' unless someone tells me I shouldn't. Thanks for any help.