Project SLITX - A water cooled SLI ITX Tower

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    Since the news crashed in about how Haswell would suffer from Spectre and Meltdown, I knew that it's time for a new compact powerful tower.

    After contemplating on how to have an anything-goes PC, my finalized spec came out as:

    Motherboard: X299E-ITX/AC <- because 64GB ram (16GB cannot handle my 200 Chrome tabs)
    CPU: Intel Core i7 7800X <- cause it's the cheapest thing to go with the board
    RAM: Kingston HyperX Impact DDR4 SODIMM 4 x 16GB @ 2400Mhz
    Cooling: be quiet! Silent Loop 240 <- Low profile block and expandable
    Storage: Toshiba NVMe SSD XG4 1TB <- the price was $200 for new OEM (windows 10 was even installed unactivated), so why not
    GPU: Nvidia Geforce 980 Ti Reference <- decided to hold out for 2080, so these will have to do for now
    PSU: Silverstone SX-800LTI <- Kinda no-brainer for this setup
    Riser: Ameri-rack Bifurcated Riser and single Riser
    Case: Makerbeam Starter Kit: 10x10 anodized extrusions <- This is the fun part cause I want to have the lowest displacement possible, so there is no other way but to make one

    So first, I had to build a frame to hold all the components. These are the ingredients:


    I actually had to whipped up some sketching in AutoCAD, but unfortunately I had accidentally permanently deleted the drawing T_T
    I used the 200mm, 150mm, 300mm, 40mm bars and the overall dimension can be roughly estimated:
    Height: 10 + 300 + 10 + 40 + 10 = 370mm
    Width: 10 + 150 + 10 = 170mm
    Depth: 200mm

    H x W x D = 370 x 170 x 200

    Let's try to stuff everything into the frame
    Actually doesn't look that bigger than my SE one build if I were to put it upright. I can actually not use the top displacement to decrease the height by 50mm. But I want to route the cable to one side instead of having them hanging

    Size compare against my keyboard

    Some more views:
    Front (?) view
    I really need to improve my cabling skill T_T
    The spacing between the two cards and the radiator looks decent. Let's hope that the thermal is fine.
    If the two cards were to be converted to single slot, or just one card is used, I could even fit another radiator in the other side

    Left (?) view

    Right (?) view
    The fans came with the Silent Loop 240 were a little bit too thick, so I replace them with the silverstone FN123 fans. The colors of the FN121 and Noctua A12x15 were too ... ergh... Will look into the Cooler Master Xtraflo 120

    Back (?) view
    The PSU have its own side for air intake. I had to print out a bracket to fix the PSU to the frame

    Top view
    The two GPUs are fixed to the frame with screws at two points on their pci brackets

    Bottom view
    The bottom of the GPUs are also fixed with thumb screws on their holes for rack mounting. With three point mounting like this, the GPUs are rock solid in place

    Let's fire it up and pray!

    But SLI is not working yet, need to look into this -_-

    Next steps on the list
    - Get SLI to work. The original driver of windows actually showed the SLI option in the Nvidia setting, but the Windows 10 reinstalled the driver and the option disappeared
    - Redraw the sketch I deleted T_T, then draw the side panels and send to Ponoko for laser cut. I am thinking wood would be classy

    Let me know what you think about this build
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    Dual 980 Tis in SLI? How ridicoulously impractical and powerful. I love it!
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    That's awesome! :)
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    Nice to see an other bifurcated build !
    I'm waiting for my custom 1070 WB to finish mine.

    Chaining the Amerirack riser with a 3M riser worked for me.

    Regarding SLI, you will need to modify the Nvidia drivers, as did @LukeD a while ago !
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    Thanks everyone!
    I have struggled all day but unable to enable SLI. I was using the Different SLI Auto method, but no dice.
    Like I mentioned. The first time I boot up with two GPUs, Nvidia Control Panel actually showed the SLI options without me doing anything. After windows automatically reinstalled the graphic driver, the option disappeared.
    Hopefully someone can point me some direction !!!
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    Try disabling automatic updates and rolling back your drivers
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    Use Display Driver Uninstaller and uninstall current driver in safe mode, there is a setting that prevents Windows from automatically installing a driver, then install latest nVidia driver.
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    @Testifier : bifurcation is not SLI-friendly out of the box. You'll need to mod your drivers to allow SLI to work.
    You can refer to the ultimate thread online online.
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    This build looks really cool.
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    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAT! At least now I know it works!

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    Wahoo !! Very nice job !

    Did you modifiy your drivers ?
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    How did you make it work?
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    Thanks guys, and thank you, @aquelito for pointing me to the Bifurcation thread. The process is pretty simple, but it made me go through 100 pages to figure it out. Basically it's just:
    - Apply DifferentSLIAuto
    - Apply HyperSLI
    Since HyperSLI only work up to Windows 8.1. That's the latest version of Windows that I can enable SLI for now. I'll look into other methods for windows 10

    Here's some benchmark. Everything went well, no artifact or crash/BSOD. I don't know if these are the performance results I should be expecting though

    Actually, I just got a reply from ASRock support, they sent me a new bios for SLI. I'll try using that bios with Windows 10 again to see if SLI can be natively enabled via bifurcation