Selling Project Orthrus Prototype (V2)

Hello fellow SFF enthusiasts,

I am looking to sell a prototype Orthrus (V2) case designed by our @LukeD, the creator of the Project Orthrus case. Linus from Linus Tech Tips did a review and video if you'd like to learn more about the case:
This extraordinary case is the only one of its kind. Capable of fitting Mini-ITX/mATX boards and dual GPUs in a small form factor. This case is a 1 of 1 preproduction prototype, and no other PC enclosures like this are on the market. The sale of this case will include necessary hardware for GPU and SLI configurations, SSD brackets, and the 1U PSU that perfectly fits the case.

Because this case is a pre-production 1 of 1 prototype, there are specific requirements and limitations that the buyer needs to agree to before a sale can be processed. They are as follows,
  1. The buyer is REQUIRED to sign a contract between the purchaser and LukeD. This requirement is to protect Luke and his intellectual property, as he is the original designer and has spent countless hours on research, development, and money on this project.
  2. The buyer agrees that there will be EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPORT. I keep reiterating that this is a pre-production prototype because you need to be aware that if something breaks or some of the cables do not work, it will be difficult to repair/replace anything from myself or Luke.
  3. The buyer UNDERSTANDS the price can not be comparable to any other production model high-end SFFPC case on the market. It is (as mentioned numerous times before) a 1 of 1 prototype.
If you agree with these terms, then please reach out to me expressing your interest. I have received approval from Luke to list this prototype case for sale, and welcome all interest in the purchase of this case. Please note that I will not sell this to the highest bidder or the person "who wants it the most." I will be looking for a seller who agrees and understands the requirements mentioned above. I want to ensure that this case will go to someone who can appreciate it for all of its success. But also be respectful of all the work that Luke has put into the development of this case and not put any of his work in jeopardy. Please see attached photos for your viewing along with my timestamp to verify authenticity.



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Apr 12, 2018
Only downside is that NVLink doesn't make soft bridges, so you're limited to AMD or GTX 1080 Ti as highest end GPU.

Good luck with the sale, quite the piece, as a case enthusiast, I'd be very interested in purchasing this case, as I have a soft spot for "unbuyable" cases.

If you have an idea on your pricing, let me know as I'd definitely be interested, and obviously understand all the points you've listed.
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