[probably ridiculous] How in the world does the subtitle thing on your account progress?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by el01, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. el01

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    Title should explain it...
    I'm currently a Cable-tie Ninja (I'm pretty sure)

    But it would be interesting to see what the progression is and how you get these "badges"...

    Hopefully I don't waste anybody's time XD
  2. TheHig

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    I believe it’s the number of posts but just a guess honestly.
  3. confusis

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    It's the number of posts, much like every other forum on the planet.

  4. ignsvn

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    I'm aiming for that last one..

    * Preparing my AI SFF utterance-trained bot.. *
  5. Phuncz

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    @confusis there's a typo in the 1597-post one: it should be "Shrink Ray Wielder".
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  6. Aichon

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    Respectfully, I doubt most forums make use of the Fibonacci sequence when determining the cutoffs. :p
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  7. BirdofPrey

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    Hmm. How many people with thousands of posts are still even using the default post-count subtitle?
  8. el01

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    I can't believe how many posts are in here despite the ridiculousness of it. Eh.

    I just realized.... IT'S OVER 9000!
    @confusis You are my hero now ;)
  9. Choidebu

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    Some guy bothered enough to PM me about fan clearance when my title was 'Airflow Optimizer'

    Dude I'm no Aang.

    Would be cool if the title was determined by most post counts in specific subforum.

    You guys who posted daily in 'what did you do?', I hereby annoint thee 'Life Broadcaster'.

    Edit: @el01 got to ninja level in 2 frickin months. What did you do? Reply to yourself?
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  10. IntoxicatedPuma

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    I wish I could give this post multiple likes for multiple reasons.
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  11. el01

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    Funny story actually.... It's for multiple reasons. The first being that when I first started, I didn't realize that editing was a totally legit thing to do. The second being that I did reply to myself, kinda like a diary entry. The final one is that I spend some lunch breaks browsing SFF Forum for random cool stuff people have done :D
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  12. BirdofPrey

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    Meanwhile, I've slowed down.
    When I first came here I posted in everything, now I mostly lurk.
  13. el01

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    Airflow optimizer at last (airhorn)!

    Hopefully I don't get PMed about it...

    The funny thing is is that I still don't quite get what I'm doing here :p.
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