Advice Possible build: 5900G(E) with RX 570


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Jun 22, 2021

Great forum here. I have some advice I’d like to ask.

I’m a music producer looking at building a flyable rig for mixing/producing (DAW). I need it to be powerful and very, very quiet. No dedicated GPU needed, fortunately.

What I’m looking at as the soon-to-be-released AMD 5700G with reasonably good integrated graphics, coupled with a good RX 570 ITX. 64gb ram, 2tb ssd.

The TDP of the CPU is 65W (the 5700GE is apparently 35W and would consider that if it has thermal advantages too?).

How do I calculate the draw of the entire system? Would I be able to power the whole system with a 200W AC-DC PSU? Looking to be brickless but willing to compromise.

NFC just released their Skyreach TINY and this may be perfect for me.

CPU cooling would be the Noctua NH-L9i. Only concern is cooling that is sufficient enough to have it so that it is almost silent under moderate loads. Any other cooling options? Virtually silent is the goal. This is why I’d maybe consider the 5700GE?

I’d massively appreciate any advice, I’d love to make this work. Otherwise it’s a just going to be macbook pro spec’d out, $4k, and I don’t want to do that if I can avoid it.




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Oct 13, 2018
Be careful, TDP is NOT power consumption.
By experience (and if AMD kept the same behavior compared to the previous 65W apus), the 5700G should use approximately 88W of power on the 12V line when boosting.
Add to that the motherboard and accessories, and you should be in the ballpark of 120W without the graphic card.
It seems all the RX570ITX have a 6-pin connector, so they should be able to draw 150W max.
So a psu with at least 270W on the 12V line should be fine.

Moreover, 200W psu by itself doesn't mean a lot, what you especially need to look at is the number of amperes/watts on the 12V line of your PSU, because it's where the majority of the consumption will be.