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As many readers may be aware, Artesian Builds, a system integrator based in the United States, has suspended sales, staff and business in general. This normally wouldn’t have a huge impact on our SFF world – system integrators generally use larger cases as a rule. Unfortunately, the fantastic Pluto, a wood, aluminium and steel 13L chassis we featured here, was being sold exclusively on their platform. This partnership had, until now, been beneficial for forum user Shatrod, the designer of the Pluto.
From the designer;
Hello, everyone.
I wanted to wait until all of the paperwork has been finalized however decided it would be best to address the situation up front.
For transparency, I want to clarify the exact nature of my relationship with Artesian Builds, as stated in our contract. “DS” are my initials.
3.1 Ownership
(A) Artesian acknowledges DS’s exclusive ownership of PC Cases...

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