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Power Supply Pico Box PSU Questions


Innovation through Miniaturization
Original poster
Feb 1, 2016
Hey Everyone,

I've been trying to decide on which Pico PSU to use for an upcoming build and I'm really interested in the Pico Box units, but can't really find any decent feedback on the quality or capacity of any of their models. Ideally I was planning to get the Z4-ATX-200 model because of the harness setup as well as the heatsink which makes me think it would likely handle going higher over rated wattage (and may even open up the door to fabricating a custom heatsink on my home CNC). My main concerns with these models is the quality of the cabling (possibly flimsy and prone to overheating) as well as the quality of componentry (sounds like some models exhibit coil whine). Any input would be highly valued.


Caliper Novice
May 4, 2016
Have been making use of the 160-xt model. Have not experienced any coil whine from this unit, nor have i experienced the cables overheating. I have been running my unit within spec(sub 160w on a 192w max external psu). Have heard multiple reports of the z4-atx-200 going over the rated wattage.