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  1. IntoxicatedPuma

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    Curious what all phones everyone here uses and how they like it, what they'd change.

    I'm using a Nokia6 (2017) TA-1000 model. It's Chinese market so I had to install Google Play myself but it was easy enough. I wish it ran the non-CN ROM so all of the Google features worked better.

    Overall it's a great phone and even with a cheap Snapdragon 430 it's very smooth. I wish it had a 625 for better battery life, and USB Type C would be nice too. I plan to get a Nokia7 Plus or Sharp Aquos S2 (SFF FTW) this year.

    Anyone else here using a Nokia?
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  2. bichael

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    I'm using a Lumia 950xl and will stick with windows phone for a while yet hopefully. Main thing I'd change is just for it to be a better supported platform!
    Nokia 1020 was probably my fave phone though.
  3. IntoxicatedPuma

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    I had a Lumia 520, then a 1320, then a 930. I loved the 930 and would probably still be using it had it not been for Windows....Actually the OS didn't bother me so much as the lack of app support. Wechat and AliPay are too outdated to use as payment on Windows so that kind of forced me onto Android.
  4. tinyitx

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    I am using Xiaomi Mi5. Just perfect and fits all my needs. Small size, long battery life, USB type C, Quick Charge, good build quality and regular updates...
    If one thing can be changed, I want to keep the same overall phone dimensions but with full screen like the Xiaomi Mix 2.
  5. EdZ

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    Pixel 2 XL. Fixes the main problem I had with the Pixel XL (lack of proper IP rating without using the enormous Lifeproof case), and I've used Bluetooth headphones exclusively with mobile devices for the better part of a decade so moving the headphone DAC offboard is not really an issue for me.
    With all the issues other manufacturers have in pushing out timely Android updates (looking at you, Samsung), I'd be hard pressed to recommend anything other than the Pixel line, or possibly Nokia's (nee HMD Global) phones as long as they manage to keep up as they have been. Motorola barely lasted a year from their pledge to keep their phones up to date before they stopped bothering with proper updates, so I'm still wary of any non-Google device.
  6. GuilleAcoustic

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    I am using a cheap Wileyfox Swift. Nice phone for the price, dual SIM, SDcard, removable battery, nice audio ... and it still gets Android updates (currently on 7.1.2).

    Its real drawbacks: battery life and potato cam!

    Best smartphone I had so far: my old Nokia N9 !
  7. m_42

    m_42 Cable Smoosher

    Xiaomi Mi4c running Team Superluminal's LineageOS 14.1 libra here. It has served me very well so far.
  8. IntoxicatedPuma

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    I had a Mi5 but the frame was really weak. After a small fall of about 30 centimeters on concrete it bent the top of the phone, and later it got more or less bent like a pancake. Aside from that the build quality was amazing. If it had stock android I would have preferred it over MIUI though. I hope Xiaomi finally fixed the bug that doesnt allow you to use a different launcher :(
  9. Phuncz

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    iPhone 5S, going strong, even though it's old for a smartphone. Still has the latest software, still feels fast enough for my basic non-Social-Media usage, gets me around 1,5 days worth of battery life, can text and call like the the rest, suitable for basic internet usage, media player in the car, camera is OK. And it fits in my pants pocket with it's 4" display. I might upgrade to a new iPhone SE if they keep the diminuitive format, otherwise I'll grab a current SE if there is no replacement this year.
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  10. Biowarejak

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    I have a cheapo LG Pheonix 3 :p Being on a budget means I have to deal with a slower phone, but it functions just fine for me.
  11. tinyitx

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    I dropped mine 3 times since I had it for about 1.5 years. Twice from top of my desk onto wooden floor and once out of my jacket pocket onto concrete floor. Not a scratch. Must be because I use a soft silicone case. The case serves 2 functions:- protection and giving some rear friction. Now I remember another change I want. The back of the Mi5 is so smooth that it is too slippery.
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  12. IntoxicatedPuma

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    I put the bamboo back cover on after the glass shattered from the drop, that helped a lot to make it less slippery. When it got folded up had more to do with my anger at work...
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  13. WadeAK78

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    I recently switched to a Sony Xperia XZ Premium from and Iphone 6 and it is so much faster and smoother to use, although I am still getting used to the Android Oreo. I really like it and the display is awesome, if overkill. I'm hopeful that I'll get the fingerprint reader to work, but I'm still learning the basics and will do it once I've learned more.
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  14. TheHig

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    Went with the iPhone SE when my Mrs wanted to go Apple this round. I've had it for a while now (6 or so months?) and its fine. Nice, pocket sized and does everything I need to do with a phone including visit our favorite Forum on the web.

    Can't say anything bad about it at all so far.
  15. Solo

    Solo Master of Cramming

    Original Pixel. Last phone was the OnePlus One.

    Idk they're all the same, man. Basically.

    P.S. I hate phone reviews/comparison videos. Like what is the point these days.
  16. IntoxicatedPuma

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    I think mostly they are the same hardware but the software makes a huge difference. When I bought my Mi5 the camera was pretty lousy but with software updates it has improved quite a bit I heard. I don't care for the review videos because generally they just mess around with the phone for a day or at most a week and then its gone. Its not enough time to point out the quirks of a phone. Most tech reviews are like this though.
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  17. IntoxicatedPuma

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    Got a new phone, Nokia 7 Plus.
  18. confusis

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    I'm on an Alcatel Pixi 4 6". Riddled with BS bloatware (thanks Alcatel -_-) . Considering a move to a Nokia6 as my previous Winphone Nokias (520, 830) were f'n awesome).
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  19. jmarin

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    Have a Motorola Moto G5 Plus. After dropping my LG G2 in the toilet, went with buying my own phone. Had an LG Nexus 5X, but that bit the dust with a common issue with the chips that LG had in multiple phones. Then got the Moto G5 Plus on sale at best buy. Great phone for the price. Wish there were better options for smaller screened phones, though.
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  20. Jello

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    I'm on an HTC M9, which I like quite a bit despite all the problems I see people on the interwebz have with it. I've got an itch for a new phone though, and might upgrade once this semester is over and try to get some money back by selling my M9 locally. I've almost always sprung for a flagship/top of the line phone, but now there are so many models and manufacturers I don't know what to get.
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