CPU PCIe-4 riser cable re-creasing in meshlicious case


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Aug 7, 2021
I have recently purchased a 'SSUPD Meshlicious' case. This case comes with a PCIe-4 riser cable that is pre creased to a 90 degree angle in order to fit the orintation of the compononts. The case supports variable GPU heights. I have raised the GPU to the heighest slot available.

I then shortly noticed that the riser mounting had to be adjusted which then causes the cable to unfold from its original 90 degree crease. This would require uncreasing and re-creasing another part of the cable in order to lay flat again.

I'm slightly adverse to uncreasing and re-creasing to adjust the shaping for the new cable height, based on riser cables in general feeling quite fragile. My last case the 'Loque Ghost S1' has a gentle curl in the cable, which seemed fine to manage. I'm a little worried that bending multiple creases back and forward in a expensive £50 cable could cause damage to the internals.

How has anyone else managed to neaten their riser cable for this case?