Discussion Parcel Fowarding in the rest of the world (Non-Chinese)

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Dec 2, 2018
Since Brexit happened, certain places in the EU I have bought from in the past (Reichelt, Alternate, etc) no longer ship to the UK which means certain hard to get parts in my country are bit more trickier to get ahold of. For instance I would like to get a Delock 64106 M.2 to OCuLink adapter due to it being rated for PCIE Gen 4 speeds, but no one is selling it here.

So my question is, seeing as we have parcel forwarding services like Superbuy or Bhiner for getting items from Taobao in China, are there similar things for other parts of the world?

In my situtation I've found two that could work, Foward2Me and MyGermany, although the former has very strong trustpilot reviews. Does any have any experience with these two?
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Jan 15, 2020
Well for the product you have in mind, you might be able to buy it from the ADT store on Taobao via Superbuy.


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Aug 26, 2020
I've used Stackry in the past for stuff from the US, no complaints. I think they put their prices up recently.

HMRC do rinse you on the import duty and charges mind. That's a certainty no matter which forwarder you use though I guess.
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