Image Credit – Palit
Palit has announced the GeForce RTX 4060Ti StormX 8GB; a 170mm long single-fan GPU designed for ITX builds. The specs have teh same boost clock of 2535MHz as the stock RTX 4060Ti, and the card is a 2-Slot design. The exact dimensions are: 169.9 x 124.1 x 38.8 mm.
There will also be an OC edition that raises the boost clock to 2670MHz.
An interesting design note I’m seeing are the heatpipes at the bottom, and the longitudinally laid out cooler fins for the primary heatsink. This means that the single fan may be able to push some of the heat out of the computer case which is a good thing in the SFF world.
You can check out the card at Palit’s product page by CLICKING HERE. 

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