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Optimizing 645LT Thermal Performance in DAN A4 V3 Case


Chassis Packer
Original poster
May 5, 2020
After a somewhat shaky start, I think I've got a Asetek 645LT AIO water cooler properly functioning in the Dan A4 case.

- Asus x570-i Motherboard
- 3800x (undervolted to 1.075, 4.0GHz clock speed applied to all cores, TDP set to 71)
- EVGA 2080 Super (Black) (no undervolt applied)
- 16GB Ripjawz DDR4-3600 RAM
- Two M.2 SSDs
- 1 SSD
- Custom PSU sleeved cables

- Radiator fan set to "pull" mode
- AIO connected to "AIO PUMP" Header [set to "Auto" in Bios]
- Radiator fan (slim Noctua 92mm) connected to "CPU FAN" header [set to "Silent" in Bios]

(1) Noise - the radiator fan generates "clicking" sounds at higher RPMs, which becomes unbearable. This is probably caused by PSU wires being right top of the fan and/or turbulence generated by the tight fit.
(2) Thermals - I am seeing around 45-55C idle temps (which I believe is normal and expected), 55-65C during normal use (web browsing, multitasking, productivity, etc.), and 65-80C during gaming (seems a bit on the high side)

Wondering if anyone had thoughts on further adjustments to help with the two issues noted above. I think the noise can be reduced by a combination of using unsleeved custom PSU cables, using a fan grill and using the "Losercard" PSU mod (which adds about 6mm of clearance between the PSU and radiator). Maybe this will also help with cooling too.

Aside from that, I'm wondering if people can comment on whether the thermals I am seeing are normal for my setup/configuration. Similar posts online show temps around 55-65C when gaming so I'm wondering if something is not working properly with my setup.

Finally, because I have the V3 of the Dan A4 case, it's tough for me to place a 92mm fan underneath the motherboard. I was able to fit a fan underneath it, but the blades didn't spin because the PCI Riser cable or the edge of the motherboard seemed to be pushing down on the fan. Wondering if there's a way around this (specifically in the V3 case).

Any other thoughts are most welcome!