Log ophion 7l modding for fullsize dualslot gpu and more


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May 25, 2020
after my bt 02b u3 build hitted snag, i decided to try something else and digged my ophion 7l case out of storage.
some brain storming later i decided to utilize pcie riser and rotate mobo 90 degrees to install dual slot gpu (rx6600, gonna give gtx 1060 to friend) and hdplex,
there will also be led psu behind the gpu to feed the hdplex.

so far i have done:
- 3d printed adapters for mobo 90 degree rotation
- 3d printed holders for pcie riser and gpu
- printed hdplex mount
- drilled front (former top) exhaust fan places with 89mm holesaw to get rid
of turbulence
-prototype 3d printed top hat for 2x80mm fans for more exhaust (wip)
- printed mounts for led psu (need some adjustment and installing)
-made shorter gpu power cable 8 might need some shortening still


-get pre made short 24pin cable for hdplex ?
- make shorter 4+4 cpu power cable
-install tophat
- getting 80mm fans 2x
-shorter pcie riser cable, maybe 4.0, now utilized is pcie 3.0 ~600mm long

-ask friend to print final versions from carbon fiber filament for longevity
- do final temp tests and adjust 3800x undervolt if needed

- install sidepanels, maybe ask friend to mill breathing holes for 2nd side panel
-fine tune fan curves for semi silence when idle and no ear ripping at gaming etc
- install now front (former top) ubs c/ 3.0 usb ports back and route the cables

thank you! for reading :) yours - Jere

some photos: