Completed Open source Case: 4.5L flex case Type Zero


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Aug 26, 2017
I made this case about 2 years ago and sold a dozen in China, after several version upgrade, this is a pretty solid design already, I do not want do any case business(customer service is sucks, and do not really make money), thus I put this case open source.

Before you download:
1.I gave up all copyright, you can do anything with this design(Build, mod, copy whatever),
I love to see some upgrade of this case , you can post under this thread.

2.This case is designed for
CPU lower than 100W,
itx motherboard,
flex psu,
ASUS 970 mini,
2*2.5 SSD or HDD
25cm pcie-16x extender cable.
If you intend to install modern 1070 mini gigabyte it is impossible(too tall ) 1070 mini MSI is possible but have to do some mod on case and cut the msi original cooling case(that is what i did)

3.all the button or screw is not included but you can see clearly on the draft what to use
also it is easy to modified

4.I do not answer ANY questions

by the way if one day I made any other cases I'll put it open source as well


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Mar 6, 2017
Looks neat, at the very least. I'm sure it could be reverse engineered in time, but it would likely benefit the forum to have more imgur-hosted pictures to illustrate layout, as well as having files uploaded to the resources section.

I understand that customer service can really be a drag, I work retail, but as someone who enjoys making things it's very important to communicate exactly why people should be interested, especially if you just gave up all rights to it.