News NZXT Announces New Kraken X42 and X62

The only AIO cooler with a pump quiet enough for SPCR may have gotten even quieter. Here's hoping their CAM software is up to task this time.

All-new Kraken Series features include:
  • Redesigned quieter pump for silent operation
  • CAM Powered Pump and Fan Speed Controls
  • All-new Aer P Fans built for cooling perfection
  • Advanced RGB Lighting Effects
  • Industry-leading 6-year Warranty

The included fans have some skinny blades though. I wonder how well they'll fare.

Alongside the new Kraken series, NZXT is debuting the Aer P series of high static pressure fans, which feature chamfered intake and exhausts, winglet designed fan blades and fluid dynamic bearings. These will be available separately, in 120mm (included with the Kraken X52, and $15.99 each) and 140mm models (included with Kraken X42 and X62, $17.99 each). The Aer P series also includes sleeved cables, as well as vibration dampeners, with three available colored trim choices to color coordinate your build. These trims come in at $5.99 a pair for the Aer P120 and Aer P140.

The new Kraken series are now available in the USA, through pre-order at NZXT, with prices at $129.99 for the Kraken X42, $149.99 for the Kraken X52, and $159.99 for the Kraken X62. EU and ROW availability is slated for early November, at which time the USA pre-orders will begin shipping.

Glad to see availability in the Asetek Empire US, but no 240 mm version. Oh well. EDIT: just saw the X52, day is made. Now wondering how it will fare against the Silent Loop 240.

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May 9, 2015
Nice, hopefully these will not disappoint ! Although the RGB lighting and inifinite mirror gimmick does give it a lot of negative marks in my book, probably 1/3rd that price is because of those "features".


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Oct 10, 2015
This shows that it has a seperate PCB and MCU for lighting and temperature. It runs on an Asetek Generation 5 pump just like the H100iV2 otherwise.

For me it's CAM trying to be everything and failing horribly at it (and not having a Linux port so RIP dual boot). SpeedFan and lm-sensors are getting a little long in the tooth, but they do what they need to do without issue in a relatively light package.
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