News NVIDIA Shows TITAN X at Epic Games Keynote

Ryan Shrout on PCPer has this to say on the stealth announcement:
For those of you worried that GDC would sneak by without any new information for NVIDIA's GeForce fans, Jen-Hsun Huang surprised everyone by showing up at the Epic Games' keynote with Tim Sweeny to hijack it. The result: the first showing of the upcoming GeForce TITAN X based on the upcoming Maxwell GM200 GPU.

JHH stated that it would have a 12GB frame buffer and would included 8 billion transistors! There wasn't much more information than that, but I was promised that the details would be revealed sooner rather than later.

Prior rumors positively identified the 12GB frame buffer, and suggested a $1,349 price point, though this has yet to be confirmed.


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Mar 2, 2015
GTX 980 has 5.2B transistor, this has 8B so 50% more.
Expecting 50% more performance for 50% more power, so you would imagine this card to have a TDP of 225W(2x6pin) or 300W(1x 6pin + 1x8pin) depending on clocks


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Feb 22, 2015
I'm still waiting for them to make a "GTX 990" with two GM204 cores - the efficiency of GTX 980 just *begs* for two of them to be slapped together on one card :)