Log NR200 - Ryzen 5950X - RTX 3090 - Inverted &Liquid Cooled


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Jul 3, 2018
Back to SFF after a long while! This build took me a few weeks cause of special parts and some 3D printing work, really happy with the cooling performance.

  • AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
  • ASUS B550-I ROG Strix
  • TEAMGROUP 2x16GB DDR4-3600 CL16
  • EVGA 3090 XC3 Gaming Ultra
  • Samsung 980 Pro 1TB NVME
  • Samsung 970 Evo 2TB NVME
  • Crucial SATA M.2 1TB + WD Blue SATA M.2 1TB (in 2.5 SATA enclosures, mounted in the front)
  • Corsair SF750 Platinum + PSlate custom unsleeved cables
  • 2x XSPC 240mm slim radiators
  • XSPC water temp sensor (to control fans and pump speed)
  • 4x Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM chromax
  • EKWB DDC pump + clear top
  • BarrowCH Boxfish reservoir
  • Alphacool PCI bracket for fill port
  • EKWB Classic AM4 CPU block
  • EKWB EVGA XC3 GPU block + Active Blackplate
  • A mix of EKWB and Barrow fittings, special mention for the low profile 90 degree fitting from Koolance used to clear the top radiator
  • Tubing is Mayhems Ultra Clear 10/13mm
  • Coolant is Mayhems X1 clear + blue dye
TLDR of how it all fits (for details check the photos):
  • 3090 XC3 with active backplate fits on the B550-I with 1 mm to spare (!!!)
  • fan on bottom radiator in front of the mobo had to be filed and mounted on a 3D printed bracket to shift it 1cm forward, this was necessary to clear both the ram and the fan+rgb connectors.
  • 2mm plastic spacers added to the power connector on the back to clear the bottom radiator.
  • 2mm plastic spacers added under the PSU bracket screws to clear the fan under the power connector.
  • with the active backplate 1 port on each side need to be used, with a 90 degree low profile fitting from Koolance you can clear the top rad without mods to the case.
  • I really wanted the specific look with the stand alone pump and the boxfish res, but it's a pain to fill. After trying for a few minutes I used an external D5 pump+res combo and saved lots of frustration.

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