Closed Non-functional mini-ITX sized GPU

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Nov 1, 2015
I'm looking for a really cheap mini-ITX sized GPU just for test fitting purposes with a short case. It doesn't need to work properly- just still be physically in good condition. The card cannot be longer than 180mm in length (this length doesn't include the I/O bracket tab).

So if you have any spare mini cards just laying around and don't really work well or at all or just don't need them, let me know. Ideally, it would be nice to just pay cost of shipping (it would be sent to a US address). The cheaper the better!


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Jun 19, 2019
I impulsively bought a Gigabyte RX550 for a Hackintosh a few months back, not realizing it used a different architecture than other 500-series cards. Stuck it in an Ubuntu machine, but couldn't get video out; didn't bother to troubleshoot any further.

I'd gladly throw it in a flat-rate box for ya. It's probably worth something, but I'd rather it go to someone here than navigate r/hardwareswap! If you're willing to donate/recycle it when you're done, all the better. ?

Feel free to DM me here, or on Discord. ✌